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JSConf EU 2014

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The introduction of the Web Audio API has enriched the web landscape enormously. It gives game developers the ability to add precisely timed, high performant sound effects and to create realistic spatialized sound landscapes. For many web developers it is the first time they encounter audio programming which leads to many interesting experiments when the world of web and audio collide. Traditional web developers start to become really interested into audio programming and educate themselves on the topic of synthesizers and audio effects. However, currently there are only few applications that try to create audio production or audio performance environments in the browser. In this talk I want to show how the Web Audio API can be used to create a collaborative music production environment similar to Garageband. Furthermore, I will do a live demonstration of a music performance setup which is inspired by The Glitch Mob’s setup ( Both demos will show how powerful the Web Audio API is and how important the web can become as platform for music production in the future.

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