JSConf US 2014

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New to working with ? Never fear, we’ll give you a light introduction to some of the high-level concepts about working in 3D space and go through some minimal examples before we do a deep dive into grittier details. We’ll look at in-browser tools as well as plugins found in multiple browser ecosystems: not just one, because the web is everywhere and your game should be too. We’ll talk about how to debug and improve the performance of both 2D and 3D canvas contexts, including WebGL code. Though we will be talking largely about games, we’ll also look at chart libraries as well and discuss using canvas as compared to SVG. Even if you’re only working with a 3rd party library, you need to know how to profile performance and spot jank, as well as what action to take when you find it. You’ll learn how to mitigate the overhead of doing a lot of 3D math, as well as how to get good performance on low-end devices.

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