JSConf US 2014

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Web applications do not require an over-arching framework to be organized and maintainable. In fact, an application with modules from all over the place can in fact be maintainable, understandable, and encouraged. Instead of subscribing to one framework that provides developers with an entire slew of unused or unneeded functionality, an architecture can be built from the ground up using small modules from a variety of different sources. This kind of architecture is taking off in the Node community, and is starting to make its way in client-side javascript. This talk explores the differences between using a formal framework- like Ember, Backbone, Express, or Sails- and using a modular approach. Frameworks are not entirely out of the picture- there are a few examples of frameworks that encourage this kind of architecture by providing minimal structure in the right places. This talk will explore those frameworks, and the general ideas, benefits, and possible pitfalls of a modular architecture, from both the client and server-side perspective.

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