JSConf US 2014

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What will it take for native code to become part of the web platform? The web platform has many wonderful qualities, but easy interoperability with other platforms is not one of them. Do you want to simultaneously develop for both native mobile and the web? Or use an awesome library in your web app, but it’s written in C++? Well… you can. Almost. Maybe. Sometimes. Sort of. Many disclaimers and restrictions apply. But what will it take for the answer to just be “yes”? This talk will dive deep into the world of native code on the web, compiling C++ into JavaScript, and look at the gaps that need to be filled. A number of intertwined topics will be touched on, including: Emscripten, PNaCl, pepper.js, JS VM and browser internals, web workers, nitty-gritty details of JavaScript and C++, multi-threaded programming, and the horror of memory models. All will be explained, as long as you’re willing to take the plunge.

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