JSFest Oakland 2014

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When it comes to getting users to your website, nothing is more important than the elusive techniques of Search Engine Optimization. Without a prominent search enginer ranking, your website will be doomed to a clickless, loveless oblivion. Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization is wildly misunderstood and thus poorly employed method for improving your traffic. Angelina Fabbro has (unfortunately) been a part of the world of SEO since the dawn of the internet, and even before search engines (don't ask how - she'll tell you how!) ever existed. In this talk, Angelina will teach about key strategies to synergize your content with your affiliate link program requirements, such as: - optimal keyword density per page - tweaking your meta tags for better indexing - writing effective alt-tags for your images - white hat vs. black hat SEO - doorway pages - article spinning - in-bound link strategy - why you should pay Angelina to do all of this for you - and more! Be mystified no further - no matter what color hat you like to wear (please don't let it be a fedora) Angelina will have practical solutions for you to grow your website empire.

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