JSFest Oakland 2014

Video recording and production done by JSFest

Here you are, at a community event, talking about node. Why are you here? Because you're part of a community. We have a cultural stereotype of a programmer as a solitary hacker hammering on a keyboard late at night, but programmers don't really do their work alone. We work in teams and we gather in places like this to learn from each other. I used to think we were solitary hackers, and I used to think it was my responsibility to learn everything on my own. The node.js community was the community that finally convinced me otherwise. How did node lure me out of my corner? What's different about it? What did I gain when I joined the wider community? What did I risk? What did I learn how to give in return? What can *you* gain from more participation in your community? And what will we all gain from you, yes *you* if you join me in risk-taking? This talk is intended for NodeConf One-Shot.

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