JSFest Oakland 2014

Video recording and production done by JSFest

In a world where CSS support is spotty at best (wtf is CSS anyway?), the only reliable way to achieve pixel perfect web design is to use pixels. Just one pixel. We'll cover a broad range of topics such as: - What do I call my 1 pixel GIF? - Indenting paragraphs perfectly every time - Tables and spacer GIFs : a match made in heaven - What is the smallest GIF I can make? - Transparency OR My background is your foreground! - Moving beyond a single pixel : a color adaptive rounded corner solution for the modern web - Invisible helper pixels an invisibility : what do you call something you can't see? - XBM : The image you can generate with ASCII! - Welcome to the future : using CGI to generate spacer GIFs on the fly - BONUS : universal foreign language support using pixel fonts! For years I hosted 1x1gif.net - a CDN for single pixel supremacy. I'm ready to share with everything I've learned about designing with one of the web's most powerful hidden gems.

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