JSFest Oakland 2014

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Now'a'days we can run javascript basically everywhere! Hackers love Node because its fast and lightweight. You can use it for practically anything reasonable - but how can the average hacker burning the midnight oil quickly create their own minimum viable product utilizing the skills they already know? This talk will take you through my experience of being a naïve developer creating SmartDoor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfmga...) with nothing but a Raspberry Pi, a doorbell (yes, a doorbell) and couple StackOverflow answers. The cool thing is that javascript is literally used in all parts of the project. Nothing is device or platform specific and really applies to a large amount of scenarios. I'll go through lessons learned such best practices in testing by simulating devices with node processes in the cloud and how cool it is that you can scale to a large amount of devices and data by making the right design decisions - which sometimes is just letting someone else do it for you!

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