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LambdaConf 2015

A burgeoning Haskeller soon discovers that proper use of descriptive types helps to capture real-world ideas, catches errors, aids in refactoring, speeds development, and indeed makes programming more fun. But, once that Haskeller has drunk the well-typed Kool-Aid, where to go from there? The answer: even more types! A Generalized Algebraic Datatype (GADT), at its core, allows a compiler to make different assumptions about types within different branches of a pattern match. Leveraging this power allows a programmer to encode detailed invariants in a datatype or algorithm and have these invariants checked at compile time. Clever use of GADTs also lets you remove certain uses of unsafeCoerce, as long as these can be proved safe. This workshop will be a hands-on, interactive tutorial on using Haskell GADTs in a practical setting.

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