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LambdaConf 2015

What happens when you take a 2011 CoffeeScript web app designed to edit 100,000-word novels...and scratch-rewrite it in Elm? It turns out the result is faster, more robust, and massively easier to maintain. Elm's simple design means that even a functional programming novice can quickly get up to speed on its static type inference, pervasive immutability, and first-class FRP system. It's not only an excellent language, but also a great introductory FP language that any JavaScript developer can pick up. This talk dives into the nuts and bolts of shipping a production web app in Elm, including questions like why you should choose Elm, how you transition from imperative architecture to FRP, and to what extent you can leverage the JavaScript library ecosystem without sacrificing your functional invariants. Come see how pleasant functional programming in the browser can be!

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