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Lone Star Ruby Conference 2013

This presentation, by Reid Gillette, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Shifting from an amateur web developer hacking away at my own projects in my living room to a professional Software Engineer at a startup in San Francisco was a huge change in the way I developed. After joining Mavenlink a year ago I went from tiny apps that were 100% my code, with fast test suites, hosted on Heroku to a giant Rails app with a complicated data model, a CI test suite that took an hour, and a legacy codebase touched by 30+ people. I've worked hard the last year to step up to the challenge and I've learned so much in the process. As the developer pool gets more and more junior there will be more people making the same journey as I did. In this talk I will cover: skills that are important (some I had, others I had to develop) iteration planning testing debugging/support polyglot skills contributing to a team much more skilled than you pair-programming with someone much more senior or junior than you how culture at Mavenlink has helped me succeed what you can do to help onboard and train up your Junior Developers things you should look for in a Junior Developer candidate

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