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Lone Star Ruby Conference 2013

This presentation, by Ben Hamill, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

The talk is a narrative retelling of how I took an application that needed to communicate with a slow external API and improved the user's experience in terms of speed. I'll talk about the situation that we started with, and then retell the story of measurement, and improvement and measurement and improvement. I'll talk about perftools.rb, improving the *perception* of speed without having to actually make your code faster, MRI's Threads (when they're a good fit, and how and why we used them), a few strategies for managing threads, and a few other related topics. None of these topics will be discussed in great depth; the format is intended to be a retelling of the project, so I'll limit my discussion to the scope of how it applied to this specific project. The talk will probably be of most interest to people who have little real-world experience with MRI's Threads and/or making users feel like an application is responding quickly. My hope is that showing these things in the context of a real project can help solidify understanding of topics that are often covered in contrived or theoretical examples (I know it did for me: I was totally new to a lot of this stuff when I started the project).

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