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Lone Star Ruby Conference 2011

This presentation, by Conrad Irwin, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Ruby is a dying language. The same as the ones that came before it. Eventually, it will deprecate and be relegated to the history books. Does anyone know what the cultures or values of Fortran, Cobol, Pascal or Basic were? Does anyone know what was specifically accomplished with them? If you do know, do you really think that anyone besides a small circle within the tech-geek world cares? Only a few uber geeks still speak Latin, Greek or Sanskit. Yet, the entire planet knows about these languages and what they contributed. They care not just because of the monuments built, most of which have turned to dust and have become fables, but because of the ideas, culture and values that were created and passed on through the generations. Each of these languages created a distinct culture whose memorable flame burns eternal and contributed to the planet. What culture, if any, will Ruby on Rails create? The efficiency of Ruby on Rails, the demand for it, the convergence of economic and technical forces provide the tools and incentives to create a culture of our choosing that could be memorable for decades and longer. Will we seize the opportunity to create lasting positive change? Within 8 months of Ruby Nuby's first meeting, it has grown to over 700 members with training locations in 3 countries and multiple university partners . Ruby Nuby will present a systematic plan of how we can make Ruby on Rails as memorable as Latin, Sanskrit or Ancient Greek due the culture, ideas and values we will create and pass on.

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