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Madison Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Leon Gersing, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

There are many forms of love. The word itself is so simple yet overloaded that it's virtually impossible to define but just as impossible to deny. In this session, I seek to share with you a small snapshot of my experience with love in all it's various nuanced forms; From the love a parent has for a child, to the love that transcends companionship, to the love for your colleagues, to the love for simple joys in this life. We'll look at the impact of love and it's relationship to the quest to find ourselves both in the micro and macro levels. We'll draw from history, myth and modern life to better understand this bizarre and wonderful world we inhabit. We've become increasingly negative as a society; culturally we attack others to guard our notions of hierarchy, status, self-identity or hide our insecurities. I, for one, am finished with the self defeating cycle of negativity. Let's find our bliss and celebrate the very best in all of us.

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