openstack Budapest 2017

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Days Budapest

Thierry Carrez (OpenStack Foundation) talks about containers and OpenStack. The success of the container technologies resides in their capacity to isolate application developers from the base infrastructure. It is therefore easy to fall in the trap of considering that OpenStack, as an infrastructure provider, is not relevant in a containers world. However, container technologies still require someone to provide flexible infrastructure for that abstraction layer to live on. OpenStack provides programmable infrastructure (bare metal, VMs, container orchestration engines, networking or storage services) that can then be used by application developers. In this talk, we'll explore how complementary Openstack is to container technologies like Docker or Kubernetes, and how they answer orthogonal questions in a harmonious way. We'll expose what key issue (and which stakeholders) each solution actually answers to, then dive into examples of where that complementarity already shows: Kuryr,, OpenStack itself using Kubernetes for its own deployment... What can I expect to learn? Container technologies are transforming our industry, and a lot of people erroneously consider them as a replacement for OpenStack. While you can certainly use container technologies without OpenStack, they are complementary solutions and there is a lot to gain by using them together. This talk dives into this complementarity and should help dissipate the replacement myth.

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