OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

Since its creation, OpenStack has enabled developers to build easy-to-use, massively scalable public and private clouds. This session will look at a new use for OpenStack that is helping organizations of all sizes thrive in a changing IT environment: cloud-hosted virtual desktops. The consumerization of IT is changing the way the workforce operates, with mobility, remote workers and BYOD presenting tough challenges for IT administrators. Since introduction, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) looked to be a promising solution, but fell short due to high CapEx costs and complicated on-site infrastructure requirements. Solution providers such as Dell, NaviSite, Rackspace and NetApp are instead turning to the cloud to host virtual desktops that are affordable, quick to provision and easy to manage. With OpenStack as the foundation for cloud-hosted virtual desktops, service providers can reduce operational costs while deploying Windows desktops that are secure, scalable and accessible on any device. In this session, Desktone Vice President of Engineering Ken Ringdahl will discuss how OpenStack can simplify virtual desktop deployments. The discussion will include: Examples of use cases for cloud-hosted virtual desktops founded on OpenStack. The unique properties of desktops when running on the cloud, and how these can be addressed in OpenStack type architectures. How the underlying storage, compute and networking infrastructure of OpenStack enables service providers to choose a preferred infrastructure vendor. The ability of tenant automation to drive down onboarding costs. Best practices for integrating cloud-hosted virtual desktops with other IaaS initiatives to share infrastructure, reduce equipment and enable faster deployment.

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