OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

With the rapid growth of Sina Weibo, which now has over 350 million registered users around the world, and its affiliated services such as Weibo open API and the WeiGame platform which are now the most popular social and online gaming platform in China, we needed a robust and flexible infrastructure to host those applications and platforms. In the early 2011, we initiated Sina Web Services (SWS), the first public IaaS cloud based on OpenStack in China. Thanks to the extensible architecture of OpenStack and the help of the OpenStack community, we were able to build up our IaaS platform and push it into production in a very short time. We have accumulated much experience over 1.5 years of developing and operating an OpenStack public cloud. Since OpenStack now is far away from a 'turnkey' solution, in order to put it to production use, we must develop some necessary services in addition to the current projects of OpenStack. In this presentation, I will dive into the actual deployment and network topology of our production environment. I will also share about the extensions that we have made to OpenStack, such as Keystone integration to our existing identity system, OpenStack security enhancement, Swift performance optimization. I will also make public the design and architecture of our own service, such as LBaaS implementation; user & admin console, whose UI and underlying components are designed by ourselves that is now completely different from Horizon; Dough and Kanyun, which are now community project addressing metering and billing issue of OpenStack. Regarding the operation of OpenStack, I will also talk about how we manage the internal branch and official code base of OpenStack, and how we build our CI system to archive highly automatic operation.

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