OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

Nova (OpenStack Compute) gives us agility and flexibility for computing infrastructures. Virtualization plays an important role in Nova to provide those agility and flexibility; however, there is a performance penalty caused by virtualization. For example, there is significant performance degradation for response time and context switch on virtualized servers compared to bare-metal servers. Some (non-x86 based) machine architectures of interest to technical computing users have either poor or non-existent support for virtualization. Also some users want to use bare-metal machine itself w/o virtualization. One alternative to using virtualization to provision hardware in a cloud environment is to do bare-metal provisioning: rebooting the machine to a fresh system image before handing over control to the user, and wiping the local hard drive when the user is done with the resources. NTT docomo and USC/ISI are proposing "General Bare-Metal Provisioning Framework on OpenStack ("" to solve the problems. In the framework

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