OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

DreamHost is launching several public cloud offerings, and along the way we have learned a lot of information. The goal of this talk is to share some of the lessons, tips, and tricks we have learned while designing public cloud architectures. Talk Outline and Notes: The problems: Scale, Speed, Monitoring, Uptime, Security, Cost. The domains: Networking, Storage, Hypervisors. Scale: The pervasive problem. There are obvious issues (Data Center Size, Network Switching Architecture, etc), but there are also the not-so-obvious problems: DNS zone sizes and rebuild times, ARP/ND table sizes, growing beyond Ethernet VLANs, and multiplication factor on small delays. IPv6 is a requirement, not a nice to have, because we're out of IPv4. Speed: Disk I/O, Memory I/O, Network I/O, and CPU time all matter. Performance cannot be cloud washed any longer. Beyond the user focused problems there are pressing concerns inside the provider as well: how fast can you expand? Automation is a requirement here that may cause some initial delays will pay off long term. Monitoring: Start with simple service monitoring via Nagios, then go deeper. Agents on every everything. "Graph all the things"" (we use graphite). Uptime: Decouple everything. Have multiple paths. Maintenance windows are a thing of the past. HA is no longer an option

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