OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

Enterprises have been steadily embracing private cloud environments and are increasingly finding use cases for the public cloud. We are past the point of the cloud being limited to shadow IT and startups. We are now entering the next wave of innovation and adoption which will drive the migration of production workloads to a cloud model and will require seamless public to private interoperability. This move will create a greater demand for cloud platforms that provide innovative, open services in a secure environment, backed by business level SLAs, and supported by quality service. Adopting a hybrid delivery model to ensure flexibility and scale will no longer be an option but rather a necessity. Zorawar 'Biri' Singh, SVP & GM, HP Cloud Services, will share how HP's customers are currently taking advantage of this hybrid delivery capability through HP's Converged Cloud vision and strategy. He'll discuss the untapped opportunities and benefits to moving production workloads to the cloud and the potential for OpenStack to lead this next wave of adoption.

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