OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

In this session we will explain our vision of how OpenStack will gain relevance in the datacenter to become the cornerstone from which all the services required for operation, existing or new, are going to be managed. This vision is the result of the feedback StackOps gets from users and customers worldwide. There are already service providers basing all their operations in OpenStack, many new OpenStack services being launched in different parts of the world and large companies betting on OpenStack as the main revenue generator for the future. This change will be a process that will occur at different paces in the many different regions, sectors and businesses, due to factors of economic, legal, cultural and technological nature. In all cases, the result will be a total abstraction of most of the current datacenter procedures through automation, with the consequent gain in efficiency. This process has a common denominator in all cases: it needs to be non-disruptive from the business perspective. This will be achieved by balancing out: simplicity, not only on the deployment phase but most important on the daily operation a high level of customization to match the specifics of each business integrability with existing applications and or services For all three elements, the OpenStack ecosystem has the challenge to find the right balance for each customer and evolve to fill in the existing gaps.

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