OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

Nicira runs its Worldwide(WW) Field and Sales Engineering team's customer-facing demo and evaluation infrastructure as well as Engineering DevTest, Build and QA automation infrastructure on an internal private OpenStack Cloud that is built using OpenStack Essex components, OpenStack Quantum and a front-end UI that lets users deploy complex, multi-tier Enterprise application with multiple private networks, with just a click of a button! In this presentation, we will provide user's with an overview of Nicira OpenStack Cloud, our complex enterprise customer use-cases for an OpenStack Cloud and how we have on-boarded following applications to the cloud: A complex training environment for Nicira's Network Virtualization Platform that requires 9 VMs and 4 Private networks, and a topology that requires varying # of nics on each VM. A training lab that uses OpenStack, Quantum and Nicira's Network Virtualization Platform to create a complete OpenStack deployment within an OpenStack Tenant! Ability to dynamically add/remove users to "projects"" based on the user's current assignment.

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