OpenStack Summit Fall 2012

Let me tell you a dirty little secret. While OpenStack is a great project, it is extremely complicated for and indivdual with an engineering/operations focus vs a programming focus to get to their first code contribution. My name is Colin, I am and engineer. Although I initially got involved with OpenStack in the context of operations, I quickly was drawn into actually contributing code to the project. What I found is that many of the tools and workflows used to contribute to OpenStack are completely foreign to those (like me) with an operations focus. In this session I will go over the biggest challenges that I faced as an engineer contributing. And review the tools and techniques to that I used to get past them. This information will be presented with the goal of arming engineers just getting involved with the knowledge tools necessary to get to their first successful contribution and beyond. Learning objectives The importance of community - Leveraging the power of the meeting Talking your employeer into supporting OpenStack and the CLA Setting up your dev environments - getting beyond Devstack Getting git, using the git repository for those that don't code for a living Testing your code - what do you mean it doesn't build? How to give back, and get other people involved in the community.

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