OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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The cadence of the software development life cycle and operational sustainment within the context of OpenStack development is different than most other models, whether proprietary or open source. This talk features a panel of development and operations leaders who manage teams that contribute to and consume OpenStack within their company. Moderated by Rainya Mosher, a Software Development Manager within Rackspace's Public Cloud Infrastructure segment, the panel will discuss the unique opportunities and challenges present when your teams consist of members of the OpenStack Community. We'll share lessons learned and provide insight that will help other teams find their way through the balance of product delivery within an open source community and encourage innovation for all. Outline of (Possible) Panel Topics Balance review days / internal development cycles upstream contributions / production bug fixes doing it the right way / doing it right now Delivery milestone commitments / product delivery dates community expectations / executive expectations Engagement innovation / firefighting development / sustainment The (Possible) Panel Speakers Several software development and operations leaders are confirmed to participate in this discussion. Moderator Rainya Mosher, Rackspace Dev Manager, Deployment Systems Panelists Gabe Westmaas, Rackspace Director of Engineering, Cloud Infrastructure Toan Nguyen, Rackspace Dev Manager, Cloud Servers (nova) Uma Goring, Rackspace Dev Manager, Cloud Networks (neutron) Matt Van Winkle, Rackspace Ops Manager, Cloud Servers Mike Wilson, Bluehost Sr. Systems Architect

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