OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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DevOps, is changing how cloud applications and infrastructure is deployed and managed, DevOps aims to speed up process for delivering new features and releases of our applications. OpenStack is a fast growing infrastructure itself. In this panel we will discuss the specific challenges for delving DevOps and continues deployment models on-top of an OpenStack infrastructure that is continuously evolving. We've assembled a panel of top industry experts to discuss how we can push updates to our applications without downtime, how we can also update our OpenStack infrastructure as we do that, we will learn about the tools and framework that is available on the OpenStack ecosystem that can help us in the implementation of a successful DevOps project.Our panel speakers represent RackSpace (Tony Campbell), CloudScaling (Azmir Mohamed), Scalr (Sebastian Stadil), Canonical (Mark Ramm-Christensen) aand Liveperson (Toby Holzer). Nati Shalom (GigaSpaces) will lead the discussion as moderator.Come preared with a list of questions.

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