OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Getting from here to there can be difficult at times. In our case, we want to bring the benefits of OpenStack to the enterprise. This means working with platforms and technologies that are already in place within the enterprise. For VMware, this means ensuring that existing VMware customers can benefit from OpenStack and Cinder without making wholesale changes to their existing storage architecture. For vSphere, we do this through the datastore construct. Until now, the native vSphere datastore has not been available to Cinder Volume consumers directly. In this session, we will discuss the new VMware VMDK Cinder Driver and how it will allow existing VMware customers to simply add Cinder to their internal clouds. Please join us for an in-depth review of the driver, the code that we are submitting to the community, a demo of the prototype and our goals for making VMware vSphere work seamlessly in an OpenStack environment.

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