OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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China is often regarded as a huge but mysterious market. In the market of consumer Internet, Google, Amazon, Paypal and a long list of U.S Internet companies are almost all lost in China, leaving the huge market to their Chinese counterparts. By contrast, the traditional IT giants, such as IBM, HP, VMware and etc. have dominated the Chinese IT hardware, software and services business for a long time while the local enterprise technology and software companies have few chances to win. What exactly the background reasons behind these facts? How about the cloud business in China? Which type of cloud business is most suitable for the market? How do the Chinese government policies influence the cloud business? Since the cloud ecosystem is still in flux, but rapidly involving, the market pattern will be formed in a few years, and WHO will be the last cloud winner in China, the Internet cloud companies like Amazon, Google, or the traditional IT giants in China, or the Chinese local companies?As the founder and CEO of UnitedStack, the first dedicated OpenStack company in China, Hui Cheng has deep insight of Chinese cloud business and strategies. In this topic, he will try to answer the above questions, and also will deeply dive into the cloud status quo, as well as OpenStack opportunities in China.

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