OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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This session will feature Daniel Pays, CTO at Cloudwatt and Raphael Ferreira, CEO at eNovance who will present an overview of their Openstack strategy and deployment plans followed by a Q&A session. Cloudwatt is currently one of the biggest Openstack deployment in Europe. Cloudwatt offers to French and European companies of all sizes, as well as public, competitive cloud infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS). Providing the necessary guarantees of security, privacy and resilience, Cloudwatt also provides special protection against the risks associated with the requirements of local legislation. With a capital of 225 million euros financed by two major players - Orange and Thales - with the support of the French Government, the company should create a European-wide ecosystem of nearly 1,000 jobs by 5 to 7 years. Its primary mission is to help boost the economic fabric and in particular that of SMEs, to enhance their competitiveness and to ensure their compliance with french and European regulations. About eNovance : eNovance, is one of the European leader in Open Source Cloud computing. The company delivers services in two key areas: integrating and operating public and private open source clouds and 24/7 managed services for the world largest public clouds (Cloudwatt, AWS, Google Compute Engine, etc.). With its extensive investment in R&D, in less than three years eNovance has become the world 7th largest contributor to the OpenStack initiative, and the only European company on the foundation board of directors alongside Rackspace, Redhat, Cisco and HP. With nearly 200 clients such as CloudWatt, Warner, Chronopost, Safran, and Canal Plus, eNovance has become a partner of choice for rolling out critical applications in the cloud

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