OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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MySQL, MariaDB or Percona Server are the de-facto standard for OpenStack in terms of internal database and DBaaS. Today, MySQL is offered as a single instance, typically unintegrated in the IaaS layer, or in the best case it is provided with standard replication, but without full control on availability and failover. Last but not least, MySQL security is not combined with the security mechanisms in the cloud.This presentation is an introduction to MariaDB for OpenStack, with an extended set of API that automates the provisioning, deployment and configuration of a all-active set of servers with Galera synchronous replication.We will cover these topics: • MySQL, MariaDB and OpenStack - what is the current status • Deploying a MariaDB cluster in OpenStack: Glance & Nova integration, Red Dwarf compatibility and issues • Automatic provisioning using Juju, Puppet and Chef • DBA Daily operations and integration with Object and Block storage • High Availability components: replication and automatic failover, HA options • Security of the cluster: Keystone integration, database secure connections and tunnelling

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