OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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As far as we know, a lot of stackers are still confused by the neutron and its concept. Sometimes, it is a headache for them to choose between nova-network and neutron when they deploy OpenStack. On Grizzly and Havana design summits, we had workshops to show stackers the basic behaviour of neutron. In this session, we will dive into neutron so that stackers could understand what is inside the neutron. It includes: 1. Big picture of neutron components and its position in a Openstack deployment 2. Deep dive into main neutron API methods and their implementation under Linux bridge, ovs and ryu plugins 3. Neutron routers and floating IPs and its iptables rules 4. Introduction of neutron load balancer as a service, firewall as a service and VPN as a service After this session, hope users are more confident with deploying neutron.

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