OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Nova vSphere support was added in Grizzly and enhanced in Havana. Likewise, Havana includes new support for a Cinder driver that uses vSphere datastores. Come to this hands-on workshop to learn more about how VMware vSphere works with OpenStack! In this session, each small group of 2-3 people will get access to a remot lab environment that consists of: - An OpenStack “controller” node. - A windows host running vCenter - Several ESX hypervisors. - A host provided shared storage. The session will walk you through the key steps in configuring the system for use with vCenter, provisioning servers + volumes using standard OpenStack interfaces, and viewing the resulting changes via vCenter to understand how the Nova + Cinder drivers for vSphere consume capacity from the underlying vCenter-managed infrastructure. We will also highlight some troubleshooting capabilities enabled by the use of an OpenStack-aware plugin for vCenter. An Internet connected laptop with a standard browser is required for this session.

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