OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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This time the Mercadolibre Cloudbuilders are going to explain their Openstack multidisk Swift Architecture, the journey that they traveled to reach the their current deployment, configuration and tuning hints to achieve constant 300.000rpm and persist the initial performance in time, common mistakes, common failure scenarios and how to go trough them. - Learn how the biggest e-commerce company on latin-america stores all the images, of all their items on Openstack Swift - How we moved from a trillions of dollars storage schema to an OpenSource , hardware comodity based object storage system - How we can handle +300.000 rpm and +85 millions of users, with no performance degradation , key caching and black magic - In depth technical explanation of our Swift multidisk architecture - Lessons learned - How we planned to scale up and out Dont be afraid to Swift up your storage!

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