OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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This talk will provide a brief tutorial concerning the steps to take to develop a Neutron plugin from scratch, after discussing whether a new plugin is really required or instead the best strategy would consist in reusing and/or extending one of the existing Neutron plugins. The target audience for this talk are engineers working for companies providing network products/services which might be interested in interfacing them with Neutron, as well as engineers deploying Openstack with Neutron which are interested at looking how they can extend plugin capabilities to implement their requirements. The agenda of the talk can be quickly summarized as follows: * What is a Neutron plugin, and how Neutron API calls are dispatched to it * Do I need to write a new plugin? * What are my options for adding capabilities to existing plugins? * So I need to write my own plugin... * Where to start from * Implementing the Neutron API - the 'sendmail' plugin

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