OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Ctrip( is the leading OTA company in China. Ctrip sells 70 billion RMB travel products last year, including flight/hotel/travel/train/ And still under fast growing, so we need a solid and elastic infrastructure to support our business. We started build private cloud for Ctrip since last year. After evaluated CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenNebula, we finally chose OpenStack. We developed based on OpenStack Grizzly, and now it manages our QA Farm/Dev Farm, part of production environment with thousands of bare metal and vms. We use VMware, and working on migrate into KVM. I did a sharing on 3rd anniversary party of OpenStack in Shanghai. I hope I can get an chance to have a talk in HongKong summit, and share what we did in Ctrip. We now have 3 teams (15+ Engineers) working on: Bare Metal Provisioning developed based on Razor extend VMware management in OpenStack Building VDI, plan for more than 8000+ employees in Call Center, we will rollout 500~1000 thin-clients in Oct. Detail introduction: Bare Metal Provisioning: (with Demo) After server been putted on rack, powered on, connected to switch with the provisioning vlan, it can automatically does below tasks. We also have a UI for OPS to submit requests. Baking for a given period, and provides report Configure BIOS Upgrade firmware Setup ILO Configure RAID OS installation supports Windows 2k8 Ubuntu 12.04 Centos 6.4 ESXi 5.1 Postinstall Windows KMS activation Patching Network configuration Linux All kinds of configuration It's based on Razor, and we are working on how to merge it with Ironic, and contribute into community. Extend VMware management in OpenStack (with Demo) We did a lot of enhancements and extension on vmware driver. Each tenants can map to an HA cluster/folder in vcenter. add a nova extention as vmware environment to be associate with a tenant each environment contains vcenter/datacenter/hypervisor cluster or folder/target vm folder datastore regex AD OU it belongs to, and AD admin groups Support deploy from template in datastore with customisation spec template management in horizon Multi-compute, each manage one cluster Add datastore filter Add hypervisor filter Support vswitch/dvswitch, use vlan mode, working perfectly with Neutron, both support vmware and kvm(Openvswitch). Extend keystone a lot to support AD integration (AD/LDAP as a Service) Not only manage OpenStack permission, but also take care system(os) permissions of vms or bare metal vms will join Domain, put in specific OU (supports both windows and linux) Support AD group policy update AD user management in horizon Blueprint to extend vsphere support in Neutron: integrate with zabbix As for DNS as a Service, we are going to contribute our windows driver to Designate project. we will start code contribution soon. I believe we will have code commit before this summit. VDI for call center: (I think till HK summit, we will have a lot of progress) Use OpenStack to manage the whole VDI Based on kvm/optimized Spice Arm thin-client Under heavy development and hardware LPT testing Try to rollout 500~1000 clients in Oct.

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