OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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In a hyper-connected world with mobile, social and embedded intelligence, businesses face pressure to leverage technology to differentiate like never before.  Winners will be based on how quick and responsive they are to customer needs and how rapidly they innovate amid pervasive change in a heterogeneous landscape. As an industry, we have an opportunity to be drivers of this next era of rapid innovation by supporting and strengthening interoperability. In his keynote address, Dr. Daniel Sabbah, IBM CTO and General Manager for Next Generation Platform walks the audience through the state of the industry and the imperative of an Open Cloud Architecture to enable rapid and constant innovation. In the last few decades, IBM has been at the forefront of open interoperability initiatives,  now including OpenStack, and has helped unlock its potential for its clients. Dr. Sabbah will host one such client, Paul Lu CEO of Wuxi Lake Cloud Tai Cloud Computing, on the stage to talk about their experience with ease in integrating their solution based on OpenStack. IBM applauds OpenStack’s growth, relevance and role in an Open Cloud Architecture. 

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