OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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One of the elements that any software development groups envies OpenStack is the project ability to coordinate and maintain a working product based on several hundred contributors wihtout missing a single deadine. This is mostly due to the organisation of the OpenStack project and to the great work of the infrastructure team within the project. As more and more of our contacts are wondering about this miracle that happens every 6 months, we realized that many of them would like to use similar tooling to deliver their own project. For the past few months eNovance has been working on streamlining tooling to deliver this and started a new product offering called the “Software Factory”. This session will explain what changes and modules we had to make to Git, Gerrit, Jenkins and other tools to support OpenStack Nova, Swift, Cinder out of the box in order to provide and intergrated software factory for about any language.

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