OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Companies of all sizes are struggling to adopt a Continuous Delivery mindset in order to compete effectively. Although technology plays a significant role (having a Cloud platform designed for agility, scale and elasticity is a must), the culture of the development and delivery organization turns out to be equally if not more important. IBM has a long history of software development beginning on the mainframe decades ago, and as such has a very strong culture around how software should be delivered. With this session, we will talk about how we used OpenStack as enabling technology along with adopting many of the Community development principles as a way to change ourselves from a “Plan everything up front, deliver in large chunks every 9 months” to a “Roadmap, iteratively deliver every two weeks, feedback and improve” type of culture. We will also talk about how we have begun to use our frequently delivered solution as a way to change the way we serve our customers - including solution testing to support.

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