OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Cloud computing services are quickly becoming the ideal platform for the rapid development and deployment of elastic, scalable, web applications and services on virtualized infrastructure. As OpenStack evolves, even more infrastructure services such as load-balancing, firewall, and other virtualized network functions (NFV) are moving into this infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform layer. Most recently, underlying physical systems are also evolving to become application aware to better meet the performance and resource orchestration requirements of these new, network-centric cloud applications. So, whereas some think of cloud computing as being designed for the deliver of web or enterprise applications, several of the leading consumer-facing service providers are turning to OpenStack as a platform for delivery of a broad set of network-centric services such as video-on-demand, mobile apps, or network function virtualization (NFV). This talk will describe the opportunity presented by OpenStack to evolve its capabilities in this direction in concert with application aware infrastructure to simultaneously deliver faster service delivery and an enhanced user experience.

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