OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Cloud computing is not a one size fits all solution. Customers making the transition to cloud computing need to address a variety of requirements including: 1. Flexibility, scale, and control of open source software2. Freedom to work with multiple hypervisors and operating systems to meet their complex workload requirements3. Ease of management and governance of multiple cloud environments - private, public, and managed private4. Ease of integration with existing storage, networking, security, financial, and identity management systems5. Improve deployment and operational efficiencies Dell delivers comprehensive OpenStack-powered cloud solutions to address the broad range of requirements enabling customer choice and allowing for broader adoption of OpenStack-based solutions. Hear how Dell is responding to customer requirements by enhancing OpenStack flexibility, scale, and control abilities with field-proven Reference Architectures, networking designs, multi-hypervisor support (including Hyper-V), and partnerships with leading Linux vendors to support multiple operating systems and OpenStack distributions. Learn how customers can easily manage and govern their use of OpenStack in conjunction with other public and private clouds using the Dell Multi-Cloud Manager (from the Enstratius acquisition). Hear how best to gain cost benefits and to manage cloud efficiently at scale. Dell offers managed private clouds for those customers who want to outsource cloud operations and focus on core competencies. For customers who want to capture best practices around operations and automate their deployments and operations at scale, Dell has developed the Crowbar tool to provide an architectural framework and open source software for automated deployments and management of OpenSource clouds from the bare metal up. Finally, hear how Dell Cloud Transformation Services can combine the best of the broad offerings above to provide turnkey consulting and implementation services to build and/or manage an OpenStack-powered cloud that fits the specific custom requirements of each customer. It all about customer choice and Dell delivers it with the power of OpenStack.

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