OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Come to this session to get an update on Marconi, an OpenStack queuing and notification service described at Marconi aims to be pragmatic, building upon the real-world experiences of teams who have solid track records running and supporting web-scale message queuing systems. Users can customize Marconi to achieve a wide range of performance, durability, availability, and efficiency goals. As a message bus, Marconi allows cloud developers to use a REST API to easily distribute tasks to multiple workers across the components of an OpenStack deployment. Publish-subscribe semantics are also supported, allowing notifications to be distributed to multiple listeners at once. Join Rackspace's Kurt Griffiths, Principal Architect, and Allan Metts, Engineering Director, to learn about the work that has been done and the path ahead -- including a description of the project, real-world performance metrics, and a live demo.

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