OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Presenters: Ting Zou, Director of R&D Cloud Data Center, Huawei Technology USA Tanay Nagjee, Solution Architect, Electric Cloud USA Engineering productivity and DevOps are growing areas of focus for the technology industry. Software companies of every size are adopting continuous delivery. With over 140,000 employees worldwide, Huawei's strategy for the adoption of a DevOps cloud R&D environment requires careful planning and coordination. We combined a suite of technologies and open source tools including Jenkins, Subversion, Redmine, Review Board, Chef, and OpenStack etc. to provide a continuous delivery cloud solution targeted to deploy in stages across Huawei R&D data center facilities in multiple sites. In this implementation, ElectricCommander from Electric Cloud orchestrates the integration of the various tools and interactions of each R&D process and activity into one suite, such as integrating the OpenStack API to dynamically deploy virtual machines, launch and monitor the build/test/deploy processes on them, and tear them down when finished. This dynamic deployment and teardown creates an elastic cloud that minimizes resources required and maximizes productivity. The solution provides developer, testing, or release engineers with the capability for integrated end-to-end automation, from bug fixes through local build/unit testing, bug status updates, code review requests, SCM merge/commit, continuous integration/build, parallel function/regression testing execution all the way to the end of production deployment. Learn how this integration works to orchestrate resource usage across the R&D environment in this expansive company.

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