OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Moonshot Servers are the world first software defined servers tailored and optimized for specific workloads. Moonshot servers are tailored servers that would address specific and unique business needs. The Moonshot servers are designed for workloads like web hosting, cloud services and multi tier architecture applications. The software defined server architecture is driven by application workloads Process of selecting software defined server for deployment of workloads is to list of all matching servers supporting the workloads which are available from the inventory. Rank the servers by the most suitable for deployment condition/requirement. Example for requirement can be application performance, clustering for High availability or Load balancing. The presentation will describe the journey of provisioning workload on Software define servers (Moonshot) using OpenStack This session will highlight the challenges and changes made to OpenStack for provisioning workload on Software define servers (Moonshot) using OpenStack It should also serve as a catalyst for ongoing discussions on IRONIX project

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