OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Just getting a cloud environment up and running is no longer enough. The challenge that OpenStack faces is how to get people, applications and services working on OpenStack out of the box and to ensure that the “unboxing” experience is as seamless and painless as possible. Organizations expectations for deploying cloud now include being able to rapidly make services and applications available as soon as they have IaaS deployed. To meet the expectations of most organizations, adding a PaaS layer has become an essential part of every Cloud deployment strategy. The OpenShift Origin PaaS project is backed by the fastest growing open-source community of developers, cloud architects, devops, and end users intent on creating the next generation of PaaS and ensuring that the tools for deploying, managing & scaling it for OpenStack are freely available. To do this on OpenStack, the OpenShift community has “adopted” Heat, OpenStack's orchestration engine, and delivered a set of Heat templates for deploying, managing and auto-scaling OpenShift on any OpenStack distribution. This talk provides an overview of OpenShift, RedHat's Platform as a Service and a deep dive into deploying OpenShift using Heat, OpenStack's template language, and a live demonstration of Heat technologies to deploy AND autoscale OpenShift using repeatable orchestration templates. We will demonstrate the power of Heat, OpenStack's orchestration engine and how we leverage Heat to orchestrate cloud infrastructure resources such as storage, networking, and instances to deploy OpenShift into a repeatable running environment for OpenStack IaaS platforms. OpenStack Summit attendees can learn about both the OpenShift Origin Project, and the emerging Heat template technologies and its impact on Linux and open source cloud communities. The speakers are both experienced with live demonstrations, and make the technical difficulty of this topic easily approachable through real-life examples. Speakers: Diane Mueller, Krishna Raman & Chris Alfonso

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