OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Sheepdog is purely userspace distributed storage system for QEMU. It is essentially an object storage system that manages disks and aggregates the space and performance of disks linearly in hyper scale on commodity hardware in a smart way. On top of its object store, sheepdog provides elastic volume service (support of glance and cinder has been merged) and http service (in the development, plans to be Swift API compatible). Sheepdog doesn't assume anything about kernel version and can work nicely with a xattr-supported file systems. In this presentation, I'll concentrate on the technical aspects of sheepdog: 1. How sheepdog works internally regards of thin-provisioning volume, snapshot, clone and node managements. 2. What sheepdog can provides for Openstack. 3. Some performance numbers. 4. Demo of live sheepdog cluster

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