OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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EIG/Bluehost has been successfully managing one of the largest Openstack environments with more than 17,000 compute nodes wherein over 20,000 instances are running for a year now. We were happy to share some of our experiences and findings at the Portland summit and are grateful to see that many of our concerns have been aggressively addressed in the Havana release. However, we think that there is still a significant lack of SDN functionality which is open source, free, and does not require specialized networking equipment. More specifically, one of the default Neutron plugins, OpenvSwitch, has not changed much since the Folsom release. In this talk, we would like to share how we have been developing our own SDN plugin for our production environment at Bluehost. We hope to share our experiences and designs with the community so that we can facilitate the discussion towards truly open and commoditized SDN for the masses.

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