OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Adding an OpenStack environment into an already complex IT architecture threatens to overwhelm IT staff who are already spending countless hours managing existing IT architectures. Is it possible to unify the operational management of existing data center virtualization with an OpenStack deployment? What about adding a public cloud provider into the mix? What about adding Platform as a Service capabilities? In this session, Oleg and James will demonstrate how CloudForms can provide a unified operational management framework for all of these scenarios and help IT staff keep their sanity in the process. Subjects explained will include how to:- Discover and monitor new and existing OpenStack environments- Provide Showback and Chargeback of guest workloads- Provision workloads via self-service catalogs to OpenStack- Create migration analysis reports from datacenter virtualization platforms (including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere) to OpenStackJames and Oleg will also provide an overview of Red Hat's Open Hybrid Cloud Architecture and CloudForms' upstream open source community. Attendees will leave this session with a solid understanding of how to unify operations management of OpenStack with existing data center virtualization and public clouds in their organization.

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