OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Yahoo Japan IT infrastructure is a compound of massive, scale-out IT data centers that cover the Tokyo metropolitan area and East Japan. Two years ago, Yahoo Japan initiated a private cloud project. Given the heterogeneous nature of their equipment and future scaling requirements, an open and innovative architecture was paramount. Open source pioneers, Yahoo Japan decided on OpenStack for orchestration. For Server Load Balancer (SLB), the Brocade ADX was selected to ensure application delivery at the speed of the business. SLB Direct Server Return (DSR) is an effective method of deploying a load-balancer in terms of network configuration. The rate of change for this configuration is very high because directly correlated to workloads deployment; hence adding this step to the orchestration workflow is critical to Yahoo Japan modus operandi. DSR is a discussion topic for a design session at the OpenStack Summit in November 3 in Hong Kong, leaving Yahoo Japan today with a gap in the planning to full automation. This session will discuss how Brocade has shaped up LBaaS to address Yahoo Japan cloud necessities.

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