OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The first challenge was to gain overall knowledge of OpenStack in order to deploy and manage it. The second, much bigger challenge was to orchestrate a private cloud at Orange with OpenStack as its middleware as well as various other tools and processes for a real world use case scenario. OpenStack is a set of modules which can be deployed in various ways. Which is the right way to deploy OpenStack was a key challenge. Our aim was to deploy and to complement OpenStack with further, customized components in order to create a private cloud at Orange which would provide multiple, complex services to its internal customers: moving from IaaS middleware to Cloud services embracing infrastructure management, Cloud offers management and customer onboarding. A telecom relies on Mirantis as a key partner partner to streamline our learning curve. Our collaboration included trainings, OpenStack Fuel as the deployment mechanism as well as development of a VxLAN plugin. Picking a partner who has in-depth expertise in deploying OpenStack in production at scale is of high importance for the success of a large enterprise grade OpenStack project. Also, our collaboration with Mirantis helped us better understand how to collaborate with the OpenStack community and to contribute upstream - for example by providing manifests for OpenStack Fuel. Our goal is to share components we develop in order to make OpenStack better and more viable in coming years.

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