OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

What does it take to manage continuous automated delivery in 20 and counting openstack installations across the country? What types of checks and balances do you have to make, how are upgrades most effectively implemented without failures? How can we make the complexity of openstack simpler and more direct and ensure that we have a re-useable and scalable internal build and deployment process for all of these installs and upgrades? In this session, we will talk though how to design a CI/CD process that fits your organization, what has worked and what has blown up in our face along the way leading to the system that we have in place today. From developer/ops best practices to custom packaging, repo management, and deployment we will be walking through a full lifecycle along with community tools available to save others time. Without a consistant way to deploy and potentially patch and build custom openstack within your organization quickly, there is a risk of falling behind. By designing a valid and well thought out CI/CD process and implementation this can be prevented!

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