OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In this presentation we dive deep into OpenStack Trove, the Database-as-a-Service project in OpenStack. The goal of Trove is to provide a scalable and reliable Cloud Database as a Service provisioning functionality for both relational and non-relational database engines and to continue to improve its fully featured and extensible open source framework. The presentation will describe the architecture and internals of Trove in detail and provide an in-depth view of each of these components. We will also provide some historical perspective and chart the evolution of the Trove project as it has evolved over the past 18 or so months as many of the architectural decision and trade-offs have been made in the process of this evolution, and to truly understand the architecture one must understand some of the history as well. We will also provide an overview of the layout of the source code of the project and highlight the location of the various major architectural elements in the source repository. The presentation is valuable to developers and aspiring contributors to OpenStack, especially Trove, as it will give them a very solid understanding of the project and the source code and make it much easier for them to begin to contribute to the project at a very fundamental level. The presentation is also valuable for OpenStack adopters and those interested in operating databases in the OpenStack cloud. It will help decision makers understand the flexibility of the Trove architecture and understand why choosing Trove, as the basis for a Database-as-a-Service, is a very good one.

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